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I think if no one contributed to dairy, meat and eggs it would make such a change. Female cows have their baby taken seconds after birth to be taken to a slaughter house to be killed for baby veal, that mother cries over her loss for 24 weeks all for milk, why drink milk from a cow? We can drink plant based milk, and its even more crazy that we love cats and dogs and we wouldn’t dream of hurting them but why love cats and dogs and eat cows,pigs,sheep,lamb ect, why love one and violate the other, whats the difference? They want to live all the same way and be loved the same. Animals should not need our permission to live on earth. Animals were given the right to be here long before we arrived. These animals hasn’t done anything to us why do we need to kill them for there skin, food, or enslave them for makeup cosmetics when we can all live a good healthy no harm vegan lifestyle? if you give a 2 year-old a rabbit and a apple that child will not play with the apple and eat the rabbit, animals are friends not food.


Written by a student in Year 10.