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Spring 2 2024


This term in maths we have been counting to 5, matching shapes and sorting colours. We have been using coloured toy emergency vehicles in sorting and counting. We used shape cutters for printing on our cut out bus and rocket based on Naughty Bus' and 'Whatever next'. We also used nursery rhymes to reinforce our counting skills. 


In Literacy, we have explored different books and used our ALDs to find named characters. We enjoyed looking at them with adult support. We can do picture lottos based on our read books. We have also enjoyed participating in our early phonics sessions with lots of stimulatory activities. 

Spring 1 2024


Early Years have had a busy term. We have been exploring number songs in Maths to develop our number and counting skills and have enjoyed a range of texts, including 'Whatever Next' and 'The Naughty Bus' in Literacy to enhance our love of books and reading. The children have engaged really well with our weekly music session with Sally and particularly enjoy the song 'Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, We're going to the Moon.' We have explored our families in Understanding of the World and we made our own models out of junk as part of Expressive art and design.