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School Council

The School Council at Brooke School aims to give children a voice about things happening in school, so that they can make meaningful choices that affect their daily lives and allow them to have ownership over their learning and the school environment. The School Council seeks to involve as many pupils as possible in school activities and decision-making, democratically selected from across school. They meet at least once each half term to share their ideas about current and relevant events within our school.


Through the School Council, pupils can become involved in many activities within the school, such as providing pupil voice in review or development of school policies, working with staff on the review and development of the school vision and ethos and representing the school at wider network meetings.


It is vital that there is effective communication between the School Council and classes throughout school. Pupils throughout the school should be aware of, and able to give their views to the Council on issues being discussed and should be able to put issues on the agenda for discussion. The role of school staff to facilitate this communication, or to act as advocates, is essential. It is important that there is good communication between the School Council, the pupils they represent, the Senior Leadership Team, staff, governors and parents.