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The Junction at Rugby College

The Junction at Rugby College Admission Criteria 

The Junction at Rugby College is for Post 16 age pupils with an EHCP. The aim of the Junction is to give more pupils the provision needed so that they can access their local college rather than need to travel out of their local area to a specialist college. For many pupils the focus will be to support them in achieving a Level 1 accreditation, in order that they can access a Level 2 course through Rugby College directly at a later time. Brooke School staff will support the Junction pupils in accessing the courses offered at Rugby College and provide additional accreditation opportunities throughout the course of a week in a dedicated room within the college environment. Pupils are supported to access the community regularly with greater independence and learn essential skills for independent living in the future. Referrals for admission will come from the Local Authority. The referrals are considered by the Senior Leadership Team at Brooke School to ensure that the following criteria are met.


  • Age Range: Year 12 - 14
  • All pupils will have an EHCP
  • Pupils have the Reading and Writing Skills that will allow them to partake in the majority of classroom activities (this may be through the use of ICT).
  • Pupil’s performance in English Maths and ICT should indicate potential to achieve at least Functional Skills Entry Level 3
  • Pupils will have the ability to verbally communicate their needs
  • Pupils are able to manage the majority of their time in a mainstream college class on a regular basis
  • SEMH is not the primary need of the pupil

Welcome From Sarah

The Junction at Rugby College has their own classroom learning environment set up within the main college building. We have formed strong relationships with the college staff and our students are encouraged to engage in all aspects of college life. From using the refectory and college shop, to participating in external provider activities such as visits from the police and talks on maintaining a healthy lifestyle from drug awareness groups and medical practitioners. The Junction offers an opportunity to ‘try out’ college life, explore courses and learn something new through hands on experiences. We look forward to welcoming students to The Junction at Rugby College.

What Our Students Say...

“It feels really calm at college, I have my own ID badge and lanyard like the other students.”

“I took a gearbox out on my motor vehicle course, it was cool.”

“You can choose your own dinner from a wide selection in the refectory, or you can use the college shop.”

“It’s not noisy and it's good for making friends at college, everyone has been so kind.”

“I really going to the Prince's Trust course, and I am making new friends.”

“I am proud that I have already achieved the targets I set myself for this year, I will make a new target after Christmas.”

“I feel more confident at College.”


Congratulations to Leah who won the Outstanding Achievement Award for Re-engagment and Learning for her work at The Junction @ Rugby College. The staff on Leah's courses said, "Leah has attended the Achieve and Headstart programmes in partnership with Brooke School. Leah has overcome a lot this year, but she has tried really hard and has become a valuable member of the group, she is always cheerful, participates well in any team discussions, group activities and her work is always of an excellent standard & completed on time."